paris city guide

Paris City Guide

The Grog Guide to Paris Is there anything else to say about Paris? The city is beautiful, home to beautiful people and beautiful food. Is it pretentious? Yeah, a bit. Does it deserve it all? Maybe. In all seriousness, the first time I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a big enough city to find …

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Café in Paris

Where to find the best coffee in Paris

Paris is such a beautiful, you’ll most likely just wander around for hours. To keep those feet going, here is some of the best coffee in Paris.


In Pictures: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is beautiful city perched on the coast. The deep blue of the Adriatic Sea contrasts with the red roof tiles of the Old Town.

travel pant

Review: Outlier Slim Dungarees

Pros Spill/weather resistant Comfortable Look nice, can pair with most styles Odor resistant Cons Fabric is on the thin side, so not very suitable for frigid weather Price I’m pretty obsessed with travel gear. How can I fit everything that I need into one bag? Recently I was in search of pants. Specifically, a travel …

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holiday bar cart

How to stock your bar cart for the holidays

Oh, the Holidays, there’s nothing quite like getting hammered and pretending to enjoy your family’s company. I jest…kind of. But with the weather starting to get precarious and the daylight virtually gone, drinking indoors becomes the de facto activity. And with COVID still plaguing the world, most of those drinks are likely to be consumed in the …

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Grog Obsession: Amaro

One of Italy’s most underrated and under appreciated contributions to the world is amaro. The spirit has a rich history and even richer flavor.

Portland City Guide

The Grog Guide to Portland, OR Stumptown. City of Roses. Bridgetown. Home of The Daily Grog. Portland will always hold a special place in my heart. This is a weird, eclectic yet magical city that calls home to many of our favorite vices: the most strip clubs, breweries, and coffee shops per capita in the …

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Grind Your Coffee

The Best Way to Grind Your Coffee

Every morning, I engage in a sacred ritual. It’s a ritual that most people perform, one where you make the world suddenly turn and life resume. I’m talking, of course, about coffee. My coffee ritual might sound a little strange to you, however. First off, I use an Aeropress. If you’re not familiar with an Aeropress, …

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London City Guide

London City Guide

The Grog Guide toLondon London is a big ass city. I’m serious. The first few times I had been to this city, I underestimated the sheer size of the greater London area. But that means it has plenty to offer for any traveler, just be prepared to spend a few minutes on the tube. That …

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Borough Market is one of the best sights in London.]=

The Best Sights in London

So you’re in London and you want to feel cultured and cool. Well, between the coffee, the food, and the drinks, these are some of the best sights in London. The Shard Yup, that new fancy looking building you’ll see in all recent London skyline pictures of late. But the views are great, and there …

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Ultralight Travel Gear

The Ultimate Ultralight Packing List

Ditch the suitcase, grab a backpack and set off on your adventure. Though only bringing a small backpack on a multi-week journey might sound crazy, the freedom and liberation is unparalleled.


Lisbon City Guide

The Grog Guide toLisbon I could talk about the beautiful sunsets. Or maybe the terracotta roofs. Or, perhaps, I could talk about the incredible azulejos throughout the city. But no, I’m going to talk about the sidewalks. Don’t get me wrong, all of the other aspects of Lisbon are great, but every time I reminisce …

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Prague City Guide

The Grog Guide toPrague Beautiful, old world charm packed into a modern and vibrant city. When you step out of the train station in Prague, you immediately realize that all the stereotypes are rightly justified. The city is impeccably beautiful but still manages to usher in a new age of travel and dining. Though traditional …

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