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Berlin City Guide

Whether it’s boozing your way through the city or eating all Dublin has to offer, our Dublin city guide has you covered. Start planning your trip!

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Oktoberfest in Munich: A Sausage Party

If you’re looking for quick, high level information about Oktoberfest, go here. This, however, is not that. This is a story about my last trip to Munich. For a recent bachelor party, my friends and I decided that going to Oktoberfest in Germany would be a great idea. I know, surprise surprise, a bunch of

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Oktoberfest in Munich: What You Need to Know

It’s in September, not October Is this common knowledge by now? I feel like it should be, but just in case, Oktoberfest is a three-week affair, starting mid-September, generally ending on the first Sunday of October. Oktoberfest started as a celebration of the wedding between King Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12,

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Heiden Peters IPA at Rotbart in Neukolln

Drink in Berlin: 7 Bars Worth a Visit

Berlin is known for its clubbing scene, thanks to the likes of Berghain. But if you’re anything like me then small, dimly light spaces with people so drunk they don’t even know their name, is a personal hell. Luckily, when you’re looking for a good spot to drink in Berlin, there are plenty of other

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A latte from Populus Coffee in Berlin

Coffee in Berlin: Tattoos, Hipsters and Single Origin Beans

I’m not going to lie, the similarities between Berlin and Portland are especially evident. I felt at home. Though some might feel the hipsters are too much to handle, I look at the bright side….all the great coffee in Berlin. For some post-lunch fuel, check out these spots. Passenger Coffee Local roaster in Alt-Treptow that

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Vegan Donut Shop in Berlin

Eat in Berlin: 8 Vegetarian Friendly Places Worth a Trip

Berlin is home to all of the stereotypes you’ve heard (read, tattoo & hipsters). What you might not know though, is that there is a wealth of great vegetarian food to eat in Berlin. To top it off, it’s all pretty damn cheap. P.S. – don’t forget to grab your coffee too. Lab Kitchen This

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Food & Drink Map of Berlin

Edgy, cool, hipster. All stereotypical yet appropriate adjectives to describe Berlin. The city boasts plenty of great food and drink options. Better yet, a good meal can had a pretty affordable price tag. The city is quite expansive and can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t have a targeted approach to what you want

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