The Official Taxonomy of Drinking Beer

Share on facebook Share on whatsapp Share on twitter Share on email Share on reddit The Local Beer When you’re in a new place, you gotta try the local brew, no? Drinking local is a small window into the soul of people. Maybe growing up in Portland, where I could try a new brewery every

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Rakia Is The Best Drink You’ve Never Heard Of

Share on facebook Share on whatsapp Share on google Share on twitter Share on email Table of Contents Arguably the drink that started it all for me, rakia is a sneaky good liquor that you’ve probably never heard of until now. My first trip abroad, ever, was to Switzerland and Serbia. Yes, those are two

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What is Grog? A Story of Drunk British Sailors

I think it’s only fitting to do a post on the namesake of the blog, grog. You may have heard of the drink before, but the meaning has morphed across time and peoples. As with all good stories, this is one filled with politics, war, and necessity. As far as we can tell, the word

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Ginja in Lisbon

Ginjinha: The History of this Delightful Portuguese Liqueur

Whenever I check out a new city, I’m always on the hunt for booze that is rooted in history. We know Portugal has fantastic wine, and you’ve likely heard of Port, but what about ginjinha? Me neither, so on my last trip to Lisbon, of course I had to find it. Ginjinha, also called ginja,

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