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Borough Market is one of the best sights in London.]=

The Best Sights in London

So you’re in London and you want to feel cultured and cool. Well, between the coffee, the food, and the drinks, these are some of the best sights in London. The Shard Yup, that new fancy looking building you’ll see in all recent London skyline pictures of late. But the views are great, and there

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The Best Coffee in London

The Best Coffee Shops In London

There is so much to do and see in London, you’ll need to be aptly caffeinated and prepped to see it all. Fortunately for you there is some great coffee in London and our guide has got you covered. Between all the meals and sight seeing, make sure your fueled up with all the great

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city travel

It’s Official, I Travel Like an Old Man

At the ripe old age of 28, I’ve finally realized that I travel like an old man. As an athlete, I’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way; numerous sprained ankles, broken bones, torn ACL, bone spurs (the real kind, not the Donald Trump ones), to name a few. And I think they’re

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Lisbon City Guide

The Grog Guide toLisbon I could talk about the beautiful sunsets. Or maybe the terracotta roofs. Or, perhaps, I could talk about the incredible azulejos throughout the city. But no, I’m going to talk about the sidewalks. Don’t get me wrong, all of the other aspects of Lisbon are great, but every time I reminisce

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The Best Coffee in Lisbon

The Best Coffee in Lisbon: Where to Fuel Up

With an influx tourism lately, especially Americans, there’s no surprise that the coffee in Lisbon has stepped up its game in the past few years. It’s definitely a big help while you’re trying to eat and drink your way through Lisbon. Fábrica Coffee Roasters  When you step in this coffee shop, you’ll immediately feel like

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Lisbon Sights

The Best Sights in Lisbon Worth Seeing

The streets are so beautiful in Lisbon, it would be easy to just stroll through the city, awestruck for days on end. But between all the walking, eating, and drinking, there are a few good sights in Lisbon. Praça Júlio de Castilho This is by far my favorite park in Lisbon. It’s tucked away in

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Sustainable Travel

Is Sustainable Travel Possible? There’s No Easy Answer.

I’m lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States at the moment. Maybe not necessarily lucky by coronavirus standards; we were one of the original hotspots and continue to grapple with it. But I am fortunate since escaping into some of the most beautiful mountains in the world is less than

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Rakia Is The Best Drink You’ve Never Heard Of

Arguably the drink that started it all for me, rakia is a sneaky good liquor that you’ve probably never heard of until now. My first trip abroad, ever, was to Switzerland and Serbia. Yes, those are two random-ass countries to pair together on your first international trip. So how did you end up there, you

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Prague City Guide

The Grog Guide toPrague Beautiful, old world charm packed into a modern and vibrant city. When you step out of the train station in Prague, you immediately realize that all the stereotypes are rightly justified. The city is impeccably beautiful but still manages to usher in a new age of travel and dining. Though traditional

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