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Copenhagen City Guide

Copenhagen City Guide

The Grog Guide toCopenhagen Copenhagen is a quaint, charming city with plenty of food and drink options. In the winter months coffee shops and bars are filled with “hygge”, so much so that you’ll find yourself spending hours sipping on something warm by the fire. In the summer months, the parks and green spaces come

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Dubrovnik - Group Trip

How to Plan a Group Trip with Friends

So where to begin… my best friend (let’s call her Jordyn) and I have always talked about going abroad for a girl’s trip. We imagined England or France – somewhere that seemed accessible. At the time, she had more experience traveling abroad with her, and her now-husband (we’ll call him Greek Guy – he’s Greek,

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berlin mite tower

Berlin City Guide

Whether it’s boozing your way through the city or eating all Dublin has to offer, our Dublin city guide has you covered. Start planning your trip!

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slow travel girl

Why Slow Travel is the Next Big Trend

The last time you planned a trip, how many places were on the itinerary? Two? Three? If you’re anything like me, you probably want to see as much as you can during a trip, hopping between multiple cities at lightning speed and making the most of those limited vacation days. Fortunately, the last couple years,

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Miradouro da Boca do Inferno - Instagram

Visiting the Azores? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know

Between the plethora of natural wonders, viewpoints, and fantastic food, it’s no wonder the Azores are gaining popularity. But If you’re considering visiting the Azores (and you definitely should), there a few things you should know before you head to this Portuguese archipelago.

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Travel and the Stages of Gentrification

Disclaimer, this is an utterly non-scientific, liquid-centric, take on the phases of the gentrification of a neighborhood. I am the problem. Without a doubt, I’m contributing to one of the most potent forces in nature. I’m talking about gentrification, of course. Whenever I’m planning a trip, I’m often looking for new trendy spots or up-and-coming

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Spending 72 Hours in Porto, Portugal

On the last leg of my trip to Portugal, I decided to head to Porto. The only thing I’d heard about Porto is that it’s a bit sleepier than Lisbon, and of course, it’s where Port wine comes from. As I’m generally a fan of moody cities and booze, I figured Porto would be right up my alley.

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Oktoberfest in Munich: A Sausage Party

For a recent bachelor party, my friends and I decided that going to Oktoberfest in Germany would be a great idea. I know, surprise surprise, a bunch of dudes decided to go to the world’s largest beer festival. One of the groomsmen lives in Munich, so the prospect of free housing was appealing. And also beer.

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ultralight travel

The Top 8 Benefits (and a Few Considerations) of Ultralight Travel

You’re probably painfully aware by now that I’m a huge proponent of ultralight travel. For the uninitiated, ultralight, or one-bag travel generally means fitting your entire packing list into a backpack, usually about 30-40 liters in capacity. I’ve written about my packing list, which I use for every trip. What about a month-long safari, you

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What is Grog? A Story of Drunk British Sailors

I think it’s only fitting to do a post on the namesake of the blog, grog. You may have heard of the drink before, but the meaning has morphed across time and peoples. As with all good stories, this is one filled with politics, war, and necessity. As far as we can tell, the word

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