The Best Sights in Lisbon Worth Seeing

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The streets are so beautiful in Lisbon, it would be easy to just stroll through the city, awestruck for days on end. But between all the walking, eating, and drinking, there are a few good sights in Lisbon.

Praça Júlio de Castilho

This is by far my favorite park in Lisbon. It’s tucked away in the winding streets of Alfama, where people come to drink and watch the sunset. There’s convenience store across the street, so beer or wine is very much an option.

Carmo Convent

An old cathedral that was mostly destroyed by an earthquake in 1755. The roof is mostly gone at this point, but you can still tour the grounds.

Observation Deck Park Eduardo VII

It’s a bit of a stroll from downtown Lisbon, but you get some of the best views of the city.


Pretty unique area in Lisbon. It’s an old industrial complex that’s been turned into a flea market, restaurants, hipster stores, you name it.


Alright so this might be cheating, but I figured I’d add some day trip sights to the list. Sintra is a huge, sprawling park and town that probably deserves a list all to itself. Full of palaces and Moorish history, I’d highly recommend taking the train out here. 


Another one that is a day trip, or weekend trip from Lisbon. It’s a beach town that can get pretty touristy, but there’s a reason. Like Sintra, it’s easy to get to by train.

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