The Best Sights in London

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So you’re in London and you want to feel cultured and cool. Well, between the coffee, the food, and the drinks, these are some of the best sights in London.

The Shard

Yup, that new fancy looking building you’ll see in all recent London skyline pictures of late. But the views are great, and there are actually some bougie restaurants/bars located in there that are worth a drink.

The London Eye

Yeah, get on the Ferris wheel and see the city. To this day, it remains one of the best sights in London to view the whole city.

Camden Market

The once hipster capitol of London turned tourist destination. It’s still a pretty cool place to go and walk around. Plenty of food options and window shopping available.

Hyde Park

Big park, not too different from Central Park. If you’re visiting in the fall/winter, you can see the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which is a theme park of sorts. The amount of people is…terrifying though so feel free to not go too.

Borough Market

I think I like Borough Market better than Camden Market to be entirely honest. It’s a little more low-key and less into itself than Camden Market. Plus it’s nest to one of the best pasta joints you’ll ever go to.

Covent Garden

There’s usually something happening in Covent Garden. Aside from the shopping and general quaintness of the area, there’s some festival happening in the area.

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